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Trump Just DIRECTLY Threatened James Comey In His Latest Incoherent Twitter Ravings (TWEETS)

On Friday, Donald Trump somehow managed to make the crazy sh*t he has done and said in the past week look sane. Trump apparently decided that he didn’t already look enough like a Russia stooge, so he unleashed one of his famous FAKE NEWS rants…but this time, he threatened a witness in a federal investigation.

Oh, are you talking about how they have been quoting you admitting that you fired James Comey because of the Russia investigation? Trump then addressed the fact that his surrogates have been working overtime like the “Fake Media” to lie their asses off about Comey’s firing.

Trump has a solution, though — no more press briefings at all. Just little pieces of paper detailing the message the White House wants to send without allowing for any questions or comments:

You might think he would have stopped with “take my propaganda and shut up,” but Trump wasn’t done. Next, he decided to threaten James Comey if he leaks any information to the press. What information? Information about the totally not real Russia investigation, of course! “James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” the sitting President said, following the threat up with a repeat lie that James Clapper has said there “is no collusion.” Clapper has said no such thing — ever.

Naturally, Americans have a problem with Trump threatening the former FBI director, whom he fired shortly after Comey requested additional resources for that totally-fake-not-real investigation that both is and is not real:

Things are getting bad for The Donald and . We can expect more of these meltdowns in the coming weeks as the Trump administration goes up in smoke.

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