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Trump Insider Breaks Silence, Exposes Trump’s Insane Sexual Misconduct (TWEETS)

Most of America is aware of the fact that Donald Trump is a serial rapist, pedophile, and misogynist (although some continue to support him). The people who are still standing behind the disgraced president somehow believe that the president’s admission of sexually assaulting women, the rape of a minor, and several lawsuits detailing sexual assault can be shrugged off for the sake of the GOP.

And unfortunately for that dwindling handful of conservatives, what we’ve seen so far is just the beginning.

Author Tony Schwartz knows Trump better than anyone, and he’s just dropped a bombshell about Trump after reading a  on disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of numerous counts of sexual misconduct. Schwartz tweeted that Trump is far “worse” than Weinstein in a shocking tweet that will terrify Trump:

Today’s NYT story on Harvey Weinstein is one of the most disturbing articles I’ve ever read about dozens of human beings being complicit with & enabling a monster,” Schwartz tweeted. “Trump is worse, and much more will emerge. We are living in a deeply deeply sick American culture.”

Schwartz would know, as he spent hundreds of hours with Trump while he was writing So far, Trump has been  of sexual assault by at least 16 women and even admitted to doing so himself with his infamous “grab em by the p*ssy” comments on the “Access Hollywood” tape.

Schwartz predicts that Trump’s monstrous behavior will be exposed as the #MeToo campaign gains even more traction and continues to bring powerful, abusive men down. Schwartz said:

Journalists are behaving heroically. So grateful for the depth, specificity, richness and power of so many stories about the transgressions of Trump, his administration and the epidemic of prominent men sexually assaulting women. Thank God for the first amendment.”

Schwartz’s prediction comes just as Time Magazine gave the “Person of the Year” title to “The Silence Breakers” who have exposed sexual abuse, which Trump’s own accusers are part of. Most of America cannot wait for Trump to be brought down and held accountable for abusing numerous women, and Schwartz seems to believe that it won’t be long before that happens.

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