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Trump Humiliated Beyond Belief As Obama Once Again Steals His Spotlight (TWEETS)

It’s not hard to make Donald Trump look like a complete and utter failure — especially when he does such a good job on his own. However, there’s one person who effortlessly continues to remind America how inferior Trump is, and that’s former President Barack Obama. Even almost a year after he left the White House, Obama has no chill — Trump isn’t even safe on Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, Trump decided to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving by posting a 4-minute long video on Twitter which left much to be desired (as usual). It was obvious that Trump wasn’t even being genuine, as the message was pretty much one of his sick attempts to promote himself.

Here it is:

Trump did reach a lot of people and his message was shared many times. But much like everything in his presidency, he continues to fall short of his predecessor’s accomplishments, right down to his Thanksgiving message. Obama also had a message to share with Americans, and he completely trumped the sorry excuse for a president we have now. Check it out:

Trump pretty much got humiliated on his own favorite social media network, as Obama’s message drew way more attention and support from the majority of Americans who miss the crap out of him.

Obama isn’t just more popular on Twitter, either. The former POTUS is STILL beating Trump when it comes to his lowest approval rating — which Trump is currently at a. Even at Obama’s lowest point in his 8-year presidency, his approval rating never went below 40%.

It’s pretty obvious that one of Trump’s biggest insecurities is that he will never live up to his predecessor — he can’t even complete with a simple Thanksgiving message.

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