Trump Holds Impromptu Presser At White House, Makes Official Statement About Firing Mueller (VIDEO) | THE POLITICUS

Trump Holds Impromptu Presser At White House, Makes Official Statement About Firing Mueller (VIDEO)

Over the weekend, rumors were circulating that Donald Trump would make a pathetic attempt to save himself from his Russia scandal by firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller when Congress was away for the holiday.

It certainly seemed plausible, as Trump’s behavior has only gotten more erratic than ever — a clear sign that something major is about to happen. Trump ended the weekend with his second impromptu presser with reporters, showing that he’s becoming increasingly nervous about how things are moving forward.

In speaking with reporters on the White House lawn tonight, Trump admitted that things with Mueller’s Russia investigation were “not looking good.” However he stated that he was not going to fire Mueller. When Trump was asked if he was considering terminating Mueller, Trump specifically said, “No, I’m not” — even though his legal team has recently  for “unlawfully” obtaining tens of thousands of emails about Trump’s transition team.

Trump then continued to rattle off nonsense about how he and his 2016 campaign team were innocent, regurgitating his usual lies about there being “no collusion.”

You can watch Trump angrily defend himself below:

Considering that Trump followed his refusal to fire Mueller with more lies, it’s probable that Trump is lying again just to get everyone off his back. It could very well be that Trump has every intention of going back on his word and firing Mueller, as he’s done so many times before.

Of course, Trump is saying all of this after Mueller to the claims from Trump’s team that those emails were obtained illegally. With his options running out, Mueller closing in, and the media constantly on his back, Trump is likely feeling more desperate than ever and will do anything to keep a low profile until he has enough room to strike. We’ll all be very surprised if Trump doesn’t try some sort of underhanded tactic to get away with his crimes.

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