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Trump Holds Up Harvey Relief Mission To Attack Press And Brag About Size Of His Hands (VIDEO)

While many are currently commenting about how uncharacteristically presidential Donald Trump has acted during his Saturday trip to Houston, Texas, we all know Trump couldn’t keep that act up for long before his true character made an appearance.

As Trump traveled to Houston to meet Hurricane Harvey survivors and provide assistance to a relief mission, Trump’s ‘presidential’ act practically dissolved as he couldn’t resist attacking the press over a personal insecurity that The Donald just can’t manage to let go.

According to , Trump was supposed to be serving food to hurricane refugees but held up the operation because the gloves he was handed didn’t fit. Instead of dealing with the issue like an adult and continuing on with his tasks, Trump stopped what he was doing to remark to the media, “My hands are too big.”

We couldn’t think of a more inappropriate time for Trump to divert his attention to reigniting his never-ending feud with the media, but that’s classic Trump for you.

Trump was making a reference to a  from former Spy magazine editor Graydon Carter, who is now Vanity Fair’s editor. Decades ago, Carter had called Trump a “short-fingered vulgarian,” and apparently the thin-skinned POTUS is still fuming over it.

You can watch Trump disrespect the Harvey relief mission below:

Of all the times where Trump could have boasted about the size of his body parts (he previously brought up his hand/penis size during the Republican debate primary), bringing it up during a disaster relief effort was probably the worst time to do so. Then again, we’ve unfortunately come to expect these humiliating outbursts from Trump.

Featured image via Win McNamee / Getty Images


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