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Trump Has No Idea What DACA Is, Or Who Made It A Law, Or Maybe What A Bill Is

Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump tweeted possibly the stupidest thing he’s sent out in, um, well… At least a few days, anyway.

It turns out that the amateur president doesn’t quite understand the difference between Congress and the Presidency when it comes to making laws. Or maybe he thinks he can just demand laws from Congress and get them? Either way, he’s an idiot:

Literally only the Obama administration had anything to do with DACA. It was legal as an executive order. Congress wouldn’t bring President Obama a bill that legislatively did the things that DACA did, so he made DACA the law through an executive order.

Trump is so desperate to do do something better than Obama did it, especially after Obama on DACA Tuesday, that he can’t even manage to figure out who did what to begin with. Does he not understand the difference between (Obama’s) DACA and (Congress’) ? Does he mean that the 112th Congress was unable to do it? Does he mean that executive orders aren’t legal?

I doubt he wants to push that last idea very much.

If Donald Trump wants to “legalize DACA,” there was no action necessary. If he wants legislation that does what DACA does, there’s no need to issue threats — there are plenty of Congress members on both sides of the aisle who want exactly what DACA provided. They just didn’t want to hand Obama another victory after the Affordable Care Act. He’ll have to help Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan strong-arm some of the more racist members of Congress who would like to see a much whiter America, but it can be done.

That’s why they all told him not to dismantle it to begin with.

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