Trump Has A New ‘Plan’ To Escape Russia Investigation; It’s Beyond Pathetic (DETAILS) | THE POLITICUS

Trump Has A New ‘Plan’ To Escape Russia Investigation; It’s Beyond Pathetic (DETAILS)

Donald Trump has been devising every strategy and distraction under the sun to escape the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is closing in on his Russia investigation and there isn’t a damn thing he can do to stop the inevitable from catching up to him.

Now that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is supplying Mueller with information, Trump and his legal team are literally scrambling like mad to protect Trump and his corrupt campaign. Trump and his lawyers had recently accused Mueller of obtaining emails from Trump’s team by unethical means, which fell flat. So now they’re trying that is equally pathetic – they’re going to smear Flynn and call him a liar. The

Trump’s legal team has seized on Flynn’s agreement with prosecutors as fodder for a possible defense, if necessary. In court filings, the retired lieutenant general admitted that he lied to the FBI about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador to the United States during the December 2016 transition.”

Let’s all take a step back and remember that Flynn – the man whose reputation Trump now wants to destroy – is the same man that Trump has been praising for years, even after he fired the former National Security Advisor (for lying).

Throughout this Russia investigation, Trump has as a “good” and “wonderful man” who had been “treated very, very unfairly by the media.” Trump even suggested he might pardon Flynn at one point and perhaps grant Flynn his old job after the investigation was closed. But of course, now that Mueller is getting too close to Trump, scared Donnie is more than willing to throw Flynn under the bus to save himself.

This is truly one of Trump’s more pathetic attempts to get out of his Russia scandal, and shows that he would do anything to save his (very guilty) ass.

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