Trump Has Just One Major Regret About Russia Scandal, It Is Truly Pathetic (DETAILS) | THE POLITICUS

Trump Has Just One Major Regret About Russia Scandal, It Is Truly Pathetic (DETAILS)

Donald Trump should honestly have tons of regrets when it comes to what is being exposed about his Russia scandal – and the more we find out as the investigation continues on, the more Trump should be apologizing profusely to the country. But then again, America really shouldn’t have any high hopes about this because we all know that Trump has no conscience.

It turns out, Trump only has one major regret so far, and it’s really pathetic considering all the additional wrongdoing the corrupt president is guilty of. According to , Trump regrets firing his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who resigned in February due to reports that he misled Vice President Mike Pence and other officials about his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Apparently, Trump regrets ousting Flynn despite how controversial the ex-adviser had become in the Russia investigation. Trump continues to praise Flynn even months after his firing, stating in private that Flynn was “a wonderful man” who had “served the country well” while whining about how Flynn was being “treated so badly” by the media.

This shouldn’t be surprising it all – it seems just like Trump to regret getting rid of someone who is every bit as dishonest as he is. Flynn became a main figure in the Russia investigations and it seemed only right that Trump would get rid of him, so it’s shameful that Trump would have regrets about firing someone who might have been involved in Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

Trump obviously has issues with transparency and favors secrecy, misinformation, and lies over anything else – so he probably didn’t see anything wrong with Flynn misleading Pence – after all, Trump misleads his own team all the time. But that fact that he regrets firing someone who greatly compromised our country is disgusting and should be condemned.

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