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Trump Has DEVASTATING Effect On GOP, Republicans Turning Against Each Other (DETAILS)

Donald Trump has only been in the White House for eight months, and he’s already tearing the country apart. He’s not only divided America more than ever, but he’s actually been the sole cause of the Republican Party’s self-destruction over the past several months.

A shocking  released on Wednesday shows that Republicans now despise their own party’s Congress members as much as they did former President Barack Obama. The poll stated that only 15% of Americans now approve of congressional Republicans, which is a new low – and a good part of this drop is because of the party’s own supporters. That’s right – the majority of Republicans (61%) now disapprove of their own congressman. Only 32% approve, which is lower than Obama’s 43% approval rating among Republicans when he took office in 2009.

This is likely due to the divide going on in Congress, with Trump and Republican representatives in the House and Senate constantly at odds with one another. The Quinnipiac poll stated that Trump actually has an approval rating of 79% amongst Republicans. This is probably because Trump has portrayed himself as an outsider and has continuously attacked members of his own party and refused to cooperate with Republican leadership. He has also tried to blame them for legislative losses and the failures of his administration.

Steven Law, president of the Senate Majority Fund, has explained this phenomenon in a memo obtained by :

The Republican Congress has replaced President Obama as the bogeyman for conservative GOP primary voters. This narrative is driven by Trump himself, and it resonates with primary voters who believe the Republican Congress ‘isn’t doing enough’ (as we frequently heard in focus groups) to advance the president’s agenda.”

Once again, Trump’s attempts to save himself have screwed over the Republican Party. If Trump gets to complete his first term, there will be nothing left of the GOP.

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