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Trump Has Already Decided Priebus Is Fired But No One Else Is Willing To Take The Job

According to senior White House officials, advisers and others close to Donald Trump, the alleged president’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, won’t last long at his job. The problem is that no one else wants Priebus’ job, even though it was considered a coveted position just a few months ago. Conservative organizer and media personality Erick Erickson “Reince Priebus’s Departure is Imminent.” Everyone seems to know that Priebus’ days are numbered in this administration. Roger Stone seems to agree, yet Priebus is showing up for work every day as the chief of staff.

Politico :

His greatest job security: There are few takers for what might be an unworkable gig. He stays in the office until late at night and often toils away on the weekend with little control of what ultimately happens.

“The dynamics make it mission impossible for him,” said Chris Whipple, author of The Gatekeepers, a history on the chief-of-staff role. “It’s totally unusual to have all these rumors out there about a chief-of-staff, but there has never been a White House this dysfunctional.”

The dysfunctionality of the White House is portrayed in Trump’s Twitter timeline every single day. A Trump official will defend him on the news, then the amateur president takes to his Twitter account to inadvertently debunk their defense.

Politico spoke with a dozen Trump officials and advisers who suggested that Priebus won’t last long at his job. According to a Trump adviser, Trump hasn’t exactly made his plans to remove Priebus a secret. Priebus is considered by some a lame-duck chief of staff in the White House and is expected to be reassigned.

A friend of Trump’s said, “It’s basically decided that Reince is gone. It’s just a matter of who replaces him and when.”

“You’d think he’d just do the same thing as Dubke and see the writing on the wall and leave,” said one senior White House aide, referring to Michael Dubke, the White House communications director who recently resigned. “It’s gotten embarrassing.”

Speaking of embarrassing:

He has begun asking people who speak to the president what they are talking to Trump about. He has asked associates to say positive things about him to Trump about him. One friend described him as “tired, just tired.” He has told people he hopes to make it through the year.

Priebus has told others that it’s difficult to control Trump.

“If Reince is no longer chief of staff, it has nothing to do with the way Reince ran the White House,” Sam Nunberg, a former Trump campaign aide, told Politico. “It has not much to do with his relationship with Trump. It has everything to do with that nothing is getting through the legislature and Trump isn’t happy with it.”

Those who are being considered for the job, including a lobbyist and donors, remain skeptical of taking the position. Trump has only been on the job for 136 days. At first, people were eager to join his administration, and now, with the White House plagued with scandals, no one appears to want to be associated with him. But Priebus is hanging in there so he will forever be attached to Trump’s name. So be it. Trump expects loyalty but offers nothing in return – except for his toxic name.

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