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Trump Goes Mental Over Health Care Fails, Make His Most Heartless Statement Yet (VIDEO)

Donald Trump recently had an interview with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and as expected, it was filled with several disappointing, humiliating and offensive statements from America’s unfortunate Commander-in-chief. Among many, one of the most shocking statements he made pertains to his disastrous attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare.

In speaking to Huckabee, Trump took a break from talking about nuclear deals and North Korea to whine about the massive heath care fails that have followed his short but disastrous presidency. In his comments, Trump flat out expressed how frustrated he was that he still had to deal with the health care debacle that he and the Republican Party have created. Clearly annoyed that he still has to focus on health care and what is best for the American people, Trump said he would rather not talk about it anymore. Trump blasted a “few people” in the GOP who “wouldn’t raise their hand” to vote for the GOP’s horrific Trumpcare efforts and said:

“I’d rather focus on North Korea. I’d rather focus on Iran. I want to focus on other things. I don’t want to focus on fixing somebody’s back or their knee or something.”

Honestly, Trump has been focusing on North Korea quite a bit, as indicated by his Twitter timeline. If he would focus on health care just as much and do his job, perhaps he could help find a solution and put his health care woes behind him.

Several people picked up on the offensive nature of Trump’s comments about Americans’ health care, such as Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale, who pointed out how f*cked up it was:

You can watch the interview below, with Trump’s healthcare comments starting at around the 18:00 mark:

Trump doesn’t deserve to be America’s president. He doesn’t give a sh*t about its citizens.

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