Trump Gets SAVAGED By Twitter After Picking A Fight With Canada Over Cheese And Milk (TWEETS) | THE POLITICUS

Trump Gets SAVAGED By Twitter After Picking A Fight With Canada Over Cheese And Milk (TWEETS)

Donald Trump has been a constant embarrassment since a minority of the population managed to “elect” him with the help of an outdated system that was set up to , regularly lashing out at our enemies and allies like he is an angsty teen boy who just found out his friends went to see Dashboard Confessional (they’re still around, right?) without him — with Jake (Jake’s an asshole. They really should know better).

Trump’s at times incomprehensible Twitter ravings have revolutionized diplomacy in all the worst ways as we — the American people — are forced to watch our so-called president wage wars of misspelled words with whomever Fox News said is bad ten minutes ago. Since he has been president, The Donald — a man who was elected with the help of a hostile dictator — has gone out of his way to destroy our relationships with all of our strongest allies.

On Tuesday, Trump chose his latest target for his faux-outrage: Canada’s assault on our dairy market. On Monday, the Trump administration announced new tariffs on softwood lumber entering the United States .

“What they’ve done to our dairy farm workers is a disgrace. It’s a disgrace,” Trump said. Yes, yes, this sounds stupid — and it is — but Trump’s actions have real-world consequences. Our neighbor to the North vowed to “vigorously defend the interests of the Canadian softwood lumber industry, including through litigation.”

But Trump wasn’t done. He hopped on Twitter the following morning to pretend to care about dairy farmers as he worked to orchestrate yet another distraction from the Russia scandal.

What are you going to do, Donald? Declare war on Canada? Because that’d be a lot like…

Canadian Bacon was an excellent 90’s movie in which the president attempts to fix his terrible approval ratings with the help of corrupt members of his administration by orchestrating a fake conflict with Canada. Except this is real. Gods help us.

Naturally, Americans spent their morning either mocking Trump or expressing their disgust — and Canadians just don’t know what to think anymore:

Just to be clear, Trump doesn’t actually care about dairy farmers. This is nothing but him lashing out because he once again lost the battle over The Wall and he’s literally accomplished nothing of note in his first 100 days. Now, at least, he has Canada.

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