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Trump Gets Owned For Whining About Democrats Not Supporting His Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

Donald Trump is desperate to sell his tax reform policies to the American people, but they aren’t buying it.

After failing yet again to get a destructive healthcare bill passed, Trump is once again turning his attention to tax reform.

Of course, he’s advertising it as a good thing for the country that will be good for all Americans.

On Thursday morning, Trump attacked Democrats for opposing his tax plan and claimed that his plan has received “great reviews” without citing any of them specifically.

Tax cuts can be a good thing if they are employed the right way. The problem is that Trump’s plan would benefit the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us. It’s a massive gift for corporations and wealthy individuals that is better described as trickle-down economics on steroids. Americans corporations already enjoy a low tax rate compared to those in other developed nations. And Trump’s plan is also selfish as it would cut taxes on his own businesses and lower the individual rate for himself and his wealthy buddies.

Cutting taxes would also significantly hurt revenues that are used to pay down the national debt and pay for the government programs that people in this country need.

In short, these tax cuts are even worse than the Bush tax cuts that contributed to the Great Recession in 2008 and left the country with a $1 trillion deficit that Republicans constantly whined about while President Obama was in office.

Also, proposing tax cuts for the sake of winning elections is not healthy. Taxes have already been cut too much since the 1950s, especially for the wealthy and corporations. If anything, it’s time to raise them.

Trump’s dubious plan got panned on Twitter.

that Trump’s plan would cost $5.8 TRILLION, which Trump’s team plans to pay for partly by eliminating exemptions and deductions that benefit the middle class and poor such as medical expenses and personal exemptions for dependents. The government would also have to significantly slash programs that benefit middle-class Americans. And if Trump and Republicans don’t screw over the American people to pay for the plan, they would have to hurt America in other ways to pay for it.

Or it would be forced to run the national debt up to dangerous levels, likely driving up borrowing rates for consumers and businesses.

In short, the American people will get screwed over regardless. The wealthy and corporations, on the other hand, get to laugh all the way to the bank as the rest of us suffer.

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