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Trump Gets His A** Handed To Him By Dan Rather For Twitter Tantrum Against Puerto Rico

Legendary news anchor Dan Rather took Donald Trump to the woodshed on Saturday for attacking Puerto Rico.

The people of Puerto Rico, who are American citizens, are desperate for help right now. Trump was slow to respond after the island was slammed by two Category 5 hurricanes earlier this month. He has gone golfing twice since the hurricanes hit, and has spent more time bitching about NFL players than talking about the crisis in Puerto Rico. And it was from his golf course that he threw a temper tantrum in response to criticism from San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who pointed out that people are dying while Trump and his team refer to the crisis as a “good news story.”

Dan Rather just responded to Trump’s tweets, and slammed our petulant child president for embarrassing himself, America, and the office he holds.

“Excuse me, Mr. President but your tantrum tweet storm this morning attacking the mayor of San Juan, a fellow American citizen dealing with a real-time life and death struggle for hundreds of thousands of her constituents on an island of millions in crisis, is not only far below the dignity of the office you hold. It fails even the most basic test of humanity,” Rather wrote on Facebook.

Did she have harsh words for your Administration’s response to the aftermath of Hurricane Maria? Yes. It’s called a reality check, and one that conforms to every firsthand account coming out of Puerto Rico no matter how much you try to deflect with your ‘Fake News’ epithets. To take this personally is to put ego before country. And you also blame the Puerto Ricans themselves? That they want ‘everything done for them’? No. They just expect to be treated as any other American would.”

Rather then dropped the hammer on Trump.

It does not take a saintly amount of compassion or empathy to feel for those who are struggling to stay alive, who are worried for the fate of family and friends, and who have seen so much that they have known and loved blown and washed away. You swore to ‘faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States’ and that means a responsibility to look out for all Americans, even if they live on an island in the ocean, or look different or even speak a different language than what you think is America…Regardless, what Puerto Rico needs now is not rhetoric but help, not a bumbling response, but the precision and competence we expect of our government. I do not believe ‘blame the victim’ is what Americans expect of their president.”

Here’s the full post via Facebook.

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