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Trump Gets Eaten ALIVE On Twitter After Monumentally Stupid Obamacare Rant (TWEETS)

On Saturday, Donald Trump’s staff apparently allowed him to be alone with his Twitter cell phone in the bathroom again. Our alleged President, much angrier than someone should be after his healthcare legislation passes the House, took to the social media platform to inform Americans that the bill is not the steaming lump of ‘Taco night at Steve Bannon’s household’ dung that it appears to be.

“Wow,the Fake News media did everything in its power to make the Republican Healthcare victory look as bad as possible,” Trump tweeted, correctly grasping that reporting about Trumpcare has not exactly been in his favor.” Far better than Ocare!”

Trumpcare is not, in fact, “better” than “Ocare.” The Republican plan would cover just — preexisting conditions that include pregnancy and , for instance.

“Why is it that the Fake News rarely reports Ocare is on its last legs and that insurance companies are fleeing for their lives?” Trump complained. “It’s dead!”

The reason the media won’t say Obamacare is dead is because it’s not dead. In fact, the head of one of the largest insurers on the market, Molina healthcare,  that “If the market is destabilized in 2018, it really falls on the Republicans,” because the Republican Congress and the President both could “act in ways to stabilize the market” if they wanted to.

Naturally, Trump once again found out that most Americans aren’t quite as gullible as the minority that managed to put him in office:

The Republican replacement for Obamacare is a nightmare waiting to happen — and when this one fails, the slightly less (or more) terrible version they come up with will also be a nightmare.

Keep the phone calls rolling in to your representatives. Let them know that if they vote for garbage legislation like this, they are signing their career’s death warrant. Give them something to think about while they are to celebrate taking healthcare away from their constituents.

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