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Trump Finds A Way To Disrespect Every Single 9/11 Victim During Pentagon Ceremony (DETAILS)

Donald Trump’s remarks on 9/11 would have been much better if he’d just kept them to himself.

Solidifying the fact that Trump will make any tragedy somehow worse with his own response, the undeserving POTUS practically ruined the 9/11 remembrance ceremonies taking place in Washington DC on Monday.

Speaking to his audience, Trump said “Today, our entire nation grieves with you and with every family of those 2,977 innocent souls who were murdered by terrorists 16 years ago.”

That might sound mild compared to what Trump usually says when he f*cks up, but not when a member of the 9/11 Memorial Foundation advised that Trump was specifically told NOT to say the word “murdered.”

This came to light after Debra Burlingame, sister of the pilot of American Airlines Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon, with Trump himself after he made his disrespectful speech. Burlingame said:

“Let me tell you something, I was pleased with what he said today. In fact, I normally don’t go pushing myself into rope lines but I pushed myself into this one today and I shook, introduced myself to the President. I shook his hand and I thanked him. I thanked him for using the word ‘murdered.’ That they murdered… these people murdered innocent people. And he chuckled. And he said, ‘They didn’t want me to use that word. They didn’t want me to say that.’ And I assumed he meant they the speech writers or his advisers and I said, ‘Well they were wrong and I’m very very glad that you did use that word’.”

Regardless of how you feel about the word “murdered” versus “killed,” no one can deny that Trump made this moment completely about himself. He was supposed to be honoring the victims of 9/11, but instead, he is praising himself and taking credit for rebelling against his advisors’ orders and saying things he wasn’t supposed to. Once again, Trump takes the spotlight off of victims and to try and steal the show.

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