Trump Finds New Heartless Way To Victimize Women That’s Going To Make You SICK (VIDEO) | THE POLITICUS

Trump Finds New Heartless Way To Victimize Women That’s Going To Make You SICK (VIDEO)

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team has announced plans for the administration to enact deep federal spending cuts totaling over 10 trillion dollars over the next decade. reports that some items on the chopping block are federally funded Violence Against Women grants issued by the Department of Justice. The office in charge of those grants received a $480 million budget in 2016. As Twitter user Caroline Q. revealed, the DOJ currently manages 25 grant programs designed to help women victimized by domestic violence.

The Trump administration will also cut or eliminate programs dedicated to promoting the arts as scientific programs related to . The Republicans see his presidency as an opportunity to boil down the government to it’s barest bones, save for the entitlements their generous donors want to keep. As for the rest of the American people, they’ll like feel the sting after popular programs like Obamacare are eliminated and replaced with a more capitalist-friendly replacement which will favor big profits over patients.

The bottom line is that the incoming president is a sexual predator who will once again victimize American women but on a much larger scale. The infamous Trump tape where he bragged about sexually assaulting women and getting away with it because of his “star” status was a good indicator that he would be capable of exactly what he’s about to do. There is no telling how many women will now be hunted down by their exes, beaten, raped, and even murdered thanks to this decision.

The only hope is that the American people bring this issue to the forefront and along with Congressional Democrats continuously hammer this incoming administration until they feel enough pressure to relent. Unfortunately, even public pressure may not enough to get through Trump’s narcissism and the delusion that he has a popular mandate to do as he pleases. But the surest way to lose is not to fight.

And based on this incoming administration’s actions so far, the American people will have a lot of battles ahead.

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