Trump Expert Makes STUNNING Prediction On Future Of His Presidency, This Changes Everything (TWEETS) | THE POLITICUS

Trump Expert Makes STUNNING Prediction On Future Of His Presidency, This Changes Everything (TWEETS)

Tony Schwartz is pretty much an expert on Donald Trump, having been the ghostwriter of Trump’s 1987 memoir “Art of the Deal.” Having known many intimate details of Trump’s life through that experience, Schwartz is more than qualified to speak on Trump’s behavior and what we might expect from him in the near future.

That’s why Schwartz’s latest prediction carries so much weight, and why we should continue hoping for the best.

In a tweet posted earlier today, Schwartz stated:

I still believe (and pray) Trump will resign by year end to avoid worse humiliation – e.g.indictment by Mueller, or 25th amendment removal.”

We certainly hope so. We can’t imagine why Trump is still in the White House, having already suffered multiple failures in policy and human decency – and they just keep piling up. However, we all know how fragile Trump’s insane ego is, and know he has been struggling with criticism coming from all directions. One only has to look at his Twitter feed to know that Trump is in the middle of a major meltdown, and he eventually will snap.

Schwartz’s tweet follows a telling piece by Vanity Fair, in which several sources close to the White House have been questioning his temperament (it’s about time). Vanity Fair stated in its article that a few cabinet members – such as former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon – have actually warned and expressed concern that Trump could be kicked out of the White House through the 25th amendment. For most of us, that is a dream come true.

The 25th amendment states that a POTUS can be removed by the Vice President and Congress if he is unable to perform his presidential duties. When Bannon warned Trump about what consequences his erratic behavior might have, Trump apparently didn’t even know what the 25th amendment was. And the POTUS clearly wasn’t paying attention, because he’s continued to turn up the insanity.

We can only hope that Schwartz is right. We have all had enough of this nightmare. Trump needs to go.

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