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Trump Ditches Memorial Service For Charlottesville Murder Victim, What He Did Instead Is Disgusting

Donald Trump has let the entire country down with his pathetic, weak response to the white supremacy and bigotry that erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend. The violence and hatred was so potent that one innocent counter protester, Heather Heyer, was murdered in the chaos. Several others were injured as a car plowed into a crowd.

Heyer should still be alive, but instead of mourning the loss of an innocent U.S. citizen and condemning the hateful attitudes that caused that riot to break out, Trump has defended the racists and expressed more outrage at his negative press coverage of the event than the actual emergency. Trump doesn’t give a sh*t about Heyer or the people who were targeted by his white supremacist followers, and that couldn’t have been more obvious than what Trump did during Heyer’s memorial service.

To show just how little he cares about his constituents and social justice, Trump chose not to attend the memorial service at all. He didn’t even try to show up. Instead, the lazy racist-in-chief decided to post one single half-ass tweet about her:

Just to give you an idea of how f*cked up this kind of response is, here’s a flashback to how former President Barack Obama (America’s last real president) responded to the white supremacist attack in Charleston, South Carolina – he not only attended the memorial service for the victims, but he gave America one of the most powerful moments of his presidency as he sang Amazing Grace:

THAT’S how a true leader responds to crisis. Unfortunately, that’s now who is in office now.

The White House has tried to cover for Trump, admitting that sending

“The official also conceded that it was unlikely that this president would be able to deliver rousing, healing oratory that is demanded in such a dire situation. Trump, the fear went, could potentially worsen matters by being there.”

It’s interesting that Trump is brave enough to defend racists, but lacks the courage to attend a memorial service for a victim of his fan base. Trump answers to domestic terrorism with zero action and just one single tweet. Trump’s presidency, and our country, has never looked so pathetic. Today is a day we should truly be ashamed to be American.

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