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Trump Destroyed As His Most Racist Moments Of 2017 Come Back To Haunt Him (VIDEO)

It’s widely known that Donald Trump is a huge racist, as he blatantly exposed it for the world to see during his 2016 presidential campaign when he referred to Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “drug dealers.” Trump’s prejudices have only become more amplified in his role as President, as one of the first things he tried to do was enact a racist travel ban.

However, despite how obvious Trump’s racism is, it sometimes gets overshadowed by the massive amounts of scandals that follow him, as well as incidents of his own incompetence and unhinged behavior. To remind everyone that the President of the United States hates everyone who isn’t white, The Root‘s Felice León a brutal video highlighting “Trump’s Most Racist Moments of 2017.”

Making use of the fact that most “Worst Moments of 2017” videos we’ll see before the New Year will likely be bashing Trump, León wrote:

Water is wet, the sky is blue and Donald Trump is a racist. And in 2017, Trump was on a roll.”

In the brutal short video, León takes viewers back in time, revisiting some of Trump’s most horrific racist moments of 2017, which included his  and his attacks on Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players who were protesting racial injustice and police brutality. For good measure, León also threw in clips of Trump calling  and saying that Haitian immigrants  Seriously, it seems as though no minority was safe from Trump’s bigotry this year.

You can watch the clip below:

It was a hell of a year for America and Trump, and we can only expect to see more of these videos featuring Trump, considering that he singlehandedly made things worse for everyone this year.

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