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Trump Demands Republicans Pass Even Worse Obamacare Repeal Bill

If Donald Trump wants it, you can bet that it’s bad for America.

As we all know, Trump is desperate to erase President Obama’s legacy, and that means stripping healthcare away from over 20 million Americans.

So far, Trump has failed multiple times to do so because it turns out that people love the Affordable Care Act.

House Republicans failed twice to pass a bill before they passed one without reading it or getting a CBO score. And Senate Republicans have failed every time, even going so far as to vote on multiple bills, including one bill in which John McCain cast the final vote to kill it.

It was thought that Republicans would put healthcare on the back-burner for awhile and focus on tax reform instead. But Senate Republicans have been quietly drafting another repeal and replace bill, and Trump wants everyone to know that he supports it and wants it passed immediately.

First, he attacked Rand Paul for opposing the bill.

And then Trump praised the bill again and urged Republicans to pass it.

But the Graham-Cassidy bill is the worst piece of healthcare legislation offered by Senate Republicans to date.

According to , who has covered the Republican effort to kill Obamacare since day one,

The bill offered by Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy takes money from states that did a good job getting residents covered under Obamacare and gives it to states that did not. It eliminates an expansion of the Medicaid program that covers millions of Americans in favor of block grants. States aren’t required to use the money to get people covered or to help subsidize low- and middle-income earners, as Obamacare does now.”

So this bill would take money away from states that successfully implemented Obamacare and give it to states that didn’t, which basically means Republicans are stealing money from liberal states to give it to conservative states. And those red states can use the money however they see fit, which means they wouldn’t have to help people at all. This is a way for Republicans to kill Obamacare and then claim that doing so isn’t going to hurt their own constituents.

In addition, the bill allows insurance companies to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions and does not include anything to replace what they repeal.

That makes this a straight repeal bill without the replace part, all while funneling money from states with successful healthcare programs to states whose governments are too incompetent to bring healthcare to their own citizens. So if you live in Massachusetts and you don’t have to worry about your healthcare, you’re about to witness the federal government taking away your healthcare to give it to someone in a red state like Texas. That means no one in either state will actually get proper healthcare at all.

That’s a big step backward. And that’s why this GOP bill, like any they come up with that tears away healthcare, should be defeated.

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