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Trump Delivers Endorsement Kiss Of Death To GOP Candidate In VA Gov Race

After Donald Trump about the positive effect he claimed his endorsement of Luther Strange had on the Alabama candidate’s chances at the US Senate, he looked like an idiot, deleting his supportive tweets. But he was so defensive of the power of his endorsement that he refused to take down tweets claiming that Strange had done better than he might have without it:

Now Donald Trump is back at it, and he’s decided that someone new needs his endorsement in order to win. The Republican candidate for Governor in the upcoming Virginia election is behind the Democratic candidate by double digits. It’s really no wonder: The Republican is Ed Gillespie, a former strategist and lobbyist who served as communications director for George W. Bush — aside from Karl Rove, perhaps no man is more responsible for the reelection of Dubya in 2004 than Gillespie, who by that time was the chairman of the Republican National Committee.

George Bush left a bad taste in people’s mouths for a long, long time.

But even after losing the 2014 Virginia Senate race to Democrat Mark Warner, who now spends his time making life hell for Donald Trump as the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Gillespie refused to go away. Now Trump is desperate for more Republican support.

Obviously Trump is willing to say and do anything to help Gillespie win the race, even if it means making a ridiculous claim about the Democratic candidate “fighting for” MS-13 gangs. That kind of message is the absolute worst sort of politicking: If a man opposes you, paint him as a “supporter” of a common enemy, since you’re the only one who actually wants to fight them.

But if recent history holds, Trump’s endorsement will sound the death knell for Gillespie’s campaign.

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