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Trump Celebrates Anniversary Of Election Victory With Insane Message To His ‘Deplorables’ (TWEET)

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a year since Donald Trump won the election (even though he literally lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by MILLIONS). But nevermind that little fact, or the dozens of polls that state how horrible his presidency is going just ten months into the d*mn thing.

A normal, sane person would hardly be celebrating at a time like this, if they were in Trump’s position. Trump has more legislative failures under his belt than we can count, has spent far more time tweeting and golfing than doing his job, and has a historically low approval rating that gets worse by the week. And yet, Trump continues to congratulate and praise himself for economic success that is clearly a product of the work of former President Barack Obama, keeps telling America that media networks that publish unflattering news about his are “fake,” and actually believes that he deserves to be patted on the back for the horrific job he is doing.

It is pretty evident that Trump truly thinks he has something to celebrate and be proud of, even with all of those things considered. Today marks the one year anniversary of the 2016 election, and Trump commemorated the moment the only way he knows how — by being completely offensive and distasteful. What else is new?! In a sickening post on Twitter, Trump posted a photo and thanked his “DEPLORABLES”:

It is really hard to believe we might have to endure three more years of this imbecile’s ridiculous behavior.

And Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., just made things worse. Throughout the day, Trump Jr. has been filling his Instagram with this type of nonsense:

A post shared by Donald Trump Jr. () on

Someone, please remind Trump and his family that America didn’t vote for them!

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