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Trump Causes Republicans To PANIC About 2018 Midterm Election

Republicans have flown into a full-blown panic in the wake of Donald Trump’s deal with Democrats.

During a White House meeting earlier this week, Democrats put a proposal on the table to extend the debt ceiling by three months and include Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma relief funds in the overall package.

Trump immediately accepted the deal and angered Republican leaders, who wanted to hold hurricane relief hostage in order to force concessions from the Democrats. One of their chief demands was that the debt ceiling be extended through the 2018 Election. Other demands could have included funding Trump’s border wall or killing Obamacare or passing tax reform, all three of which would have been opposed by Democrats and even many within the GOP.

Indeed, both Republican plans would have been more difficult to pass.

Eager to avoid a drawn out political fight that would result in a government shutdown and finally get legislation passed that he could brag about, Trump took the Democrats’ deal, which is clean bill with no strings attached.

Now Republicans are freaking out because the deal will force them to negotiate in good faith when the deadline to extend the debt ceiling again arrives in December. They will no longer have hurricane relief funding to hold hostage.

Many Republicans were so opposed to Trump’s sane deal with the Democrats that they actually voted against it, thus voting against helping hurricane victims in Texas and Florida. And the votes were public so everyone in this country knows exactly who to punish in November 2018.

But the problem for Republicans goes much deeper than that. As the party with majority control of Congress, Republicans have definitively proven that they are incapable of governing. And Democrats just proved that they can work with Trump to get things done while protecting the nation from the more extreme agenda of the Republicans.

Americans want Congress to get things done, but they also want things to get done that actually help the country. To that end, giving Democrats control of Congress would be the responsible thing to do.

And that could happen now that Trump has reached out to Democrats to get legislation passed instead of continuing to rely on a Republican Party that has no clue how to govern and no intention of actually helping the American people.

Most of the bills being written by Republicans are meant to destroy programs that Americans need while helping the wealthiest. That’s why people are angry about the GOP effort to repeal healthcare and the looming effort by Republicans to pass tax cuts for corporations and wealthy individuals.

Democrats now have the leverage to fight against a Republican tax reform bill because Republicans can’t hold hurricane relief funding hostage to get Democratic votes. And that is causing Republicans to .

“If we get to December and we’ve not repealed and replaced Obamacare, we’ve not built the wall, we’ve not done tax reform, let me just tell you it is not going to be pretty,” GOP Rep. Mark Meadows said.

“I don’t like to see the big train wreck in December,” added GOP Senator John Thune.

Even John McCain knows that Democrats are playing chess while Republicans are playing checkers.

“Many in the Republican Party are now saying: ‘Hey, the president just made a deal with the Democrats. What’s our path forward?’” McCain said.

December is going to be a very critical moment for Republicans. As the majority party in BOTH houses of Congress, they will be blamed if a government shutdown happens. And a shutdown will only occur if Republicans cannot reach an agreeable deal with Democrats to secure passage of another debt ceiling increase. Republicans will not only earn the wrath of their own supporters for not getting anything done, the American people as a whole will punish them for causing a government shutdown.

Democrats truly do have Republicans between a rock and hard place right now, and it’s a glorious thing to watch.

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