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Trump Can’t Read A Simple Message, Freaks Out On His Own Supporter (TWEETS)

Early Wednesday morning, Trump was back in rare form on his favorite website, Twitter. But once again, many of those who follow him for the laughs (or because we have to) were left wondering if the gold-faced grundle hound was huffing paint to achieve that perfect hue, after a confusing exchange with someone who inexplicably still supports his presidency.

After launching his daily insanity extra early, around 5:25 AM Mar-a-Lago time, Trump went straight back to his favorite target, an “uppity” black guy:

All of that, of course, is in reference to the UCLA basketball players Trump insists that he’s personally responsible for getting released from a Chinese jail, despite the fact that the government of China has disputed that account. But as soon as he tweeted it, he was on the hunt for adoring fans replying to his Chief-of-Staff-free weekend missive. Instead, he found what he thought was a Hillary Clinton fan replying to the tweet:


Now, a normal person would read that and immediately understand it was a Trump fan, not a Hillary fan. But poor Donnie Daycare saw the word Hillary and lost his mind.

Fortunately for him, someone was paying attention and pointed out his error — maybe John Kelly insisted that he be able to text the president over the holiday weekend or something — so Trump deleted his tweet, and replaced it with a retweet of Mr. Mannarino’s original reply.

Perhaps Mr. Trump was up before his customary alarm or something, but he clearly doesn’t understand that anyone who clicks the tweet that he retweets sees the entire thread. So instead of just being treated to this particular vulgar reply, Trump bestowed on the world the entire thread of profanity-laced hatred against the man that Trump decided wasn’t grateful enough to him:


Mr. President, we implore you: Put that phone down until someone shows you how to use it.

Or at least how to read.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images/Twitter