Trump Calls Healthcare For All Americans A ‘Curse’ And Gets Reamed For Being A Total D*ck | THE POLITICUS

Trump Calls Healthcare For All Americans A ‘Curse’ And Gets Reamed For Being A Total D*ck

Donald Trump seriously can’t go one day without being a total dick on Twitter.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has put together legislation that would finally give America single-payer healthcare. In other words, every American would have healthcare in this country and catch up with the rest of the developed world.

But Trump trashed Sanders’ bill on Thursday afternoon, calling it a “curse” upon the American people, and vowed to veto it because he “loves” the people so much. He also blamed Republicans for it because they didn’t pass his shitty healthcare proposal that would have stripped healthcare away from over 20 million people, the opposite of what Sanders wants to achieve.

If Trump truly loved this country and the American people, he would support healthcare for all Americans, which is what Sanders’ bill does. But for some reason, Trump thinks everybody having proper and affordable healthcare would be bad for our country despite the fact that similar systems are in place in many nations around the globe, including Canada and the United Kingdom, and nobody in those nations has to worry about healthcare or going bankrupt trying to pay for it.

Americans were naturally pissed off that Trump would deny his own country the kind of accessible and affordable healthcare that other countries enjoy, and they ripped him a new one for his utter heartlessness.

Universal healthcare would guarantee that every single American has healthcare in this country. Period. But the only thing Trump wants to do is take healthcare away from people. And, if he gets his way, it’s his own supporters who will suffer the most.

Trump has a chance to do something historic, and signing single-payer healthcare into law would be a significant achievement that he could actually brag about. Instead, he just wants to be an asshole.

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