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Trump Apparently Forgets Words To National Anthem At NCAA Championship Game (VIDEO)

Tonight is the NCAA National Championship football game, and fans waiting to get in stood in the rain as Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the arrival of an old man who doesn’t remember the words to our own national anthem. Donald Trump took the field with the football players and other VIPs during pregame, and made a complete fool of himself trying to lip-sync the national anthem.

Now, ordinarily, a president lip-syncing to the national anthem at a sporting event isn’t anything to get excited over. Hell, most of us would consider it a subtle show of patriotism. However, it’s noteworthy for the self-proclaimed “stable genius,” because he literally couldn’t even lip-sync all the words. Stable genius, indeed.

Let this fully sink in. The man who would be king of the U.S. can’t even lip-sync to its most sacred song.

The man who rails against NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem doesn’t know the words to that very song.

The super-patriotic pseudo-president of the United States forgot the words to our national anthem.

Donald. Trump. Can’t. Sing. The. National. Anthem. Watch below:

Here’s another angle that highlights just how stupid and clueless he looks:

Trump was also booed when he arrived at the stadium by a thousand fans who were angry about being locked out in the rain, and also, possibly, just because he was there. It’s sad, but he sullies everything he touches. Including the national anthem.

Featured image via Jamie Squire/Getty Images


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