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Trump Already Used His Office To Do Favors For His Business In Argentina

Donald Trump and the businesses he runs overseas have been the subject of scrutiny since the election, and even before, as the office of President of the United States offers a unique position of power. This could undeniably influence the way Trump’s business is conducted outside of the country.

Trump himself has come under suspicion for his refusal to address these concerns or to , instead claiming he will allow his children to control his affairs for him. Now that he’s been elected as our next president, Donald Trump has already gotten a head start on calling in favors from foreign leaders.

Journalist that when Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri called to congratulate Trump on his win, Trump requested that the president do something about his attempts to build a tower in downtown Buenos Aires, a project that has been held up by market regulations and import barriers.

This attempt by Trump is an obvious abuse of power and a conflict of interest, however, it’s certainly not the only one. Trump has that have done business in 18 countries. He has deals and properties in , , and the . He has loans through the and the large German bank, . Perhaps most alarmingly, Trump has for the purpose of building a luxury hotel. This is particularly concerning given Trump’s pledges to .

In light of all these concerns regarding his business, Trump himself has yet to put any fears to rest. Instead, he is allowing his surrogates and administration appointees to speak for him.

Incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus dismissed the concerns during an interview with CNN and NBC news. his advisers are still coming up with a legal solution that “obviously will comply with all those laws and we will have our White House counsel review all of these things.”

He then seemingly contradicted that statement by adding that “Donald Trump makes the decisions in this operation,” leaving the rest of us to wonder how Trump will handle conflicts of interests if he himself is making the decision on whether or not it’s a conflict at all.

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