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Trump Advisors Jumping Ship After Seeing Disturbing Proof That He’s ‘Unraveling’ (DETAILS)

Over the last few weeks, Donald Trump has become unhinged in a way that makes Americans more ashamed than ever to call him our ‘president.’ As the country has been in crisis mode after being hit with multiple devastating natural disasters and the largest mass shooting in US history, Trump has chosen to abandon the people in need and instead launch attacks on the media and professional athletes.

This behavior has been disturbing to watch for all of us, and even members of the Republican Party are ashamed of him now. What’s even worse is that Trump has gotten so out of control, his own advisors – current and former – are terrified of what he’s become.

According to Gabriel Sherman reported that even his closest advisors believe that Trump is falling apart. Sherman wrote:

“Several people close to the president have recently told me… that Trump is ‘unstable,’ ‘losing a step,’ and ‘unraveling.'”

Over the past few days, Sherman had heard from several top Republicans and Trump advisors, and none of them had good things to say about Trump. In fact, they all stated that the White House is basically in self-destruction mode and that everyone is struggling to stop it from getting worse.

According to Sherman, Trump took the loss of Alabama Senate candidate Luther Strange very hard after endorsing the candidate so strongly. Sherman said that one confidant told him, “Alabama was a huge blow to his psyche. He saw the cult of personality was broken.”

What’s even more shocking is that Trump’s former right-hand man, ex-political strategist and Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon, thinks Trump only has a 30% chance of finishing his first term. Apparently, Bannon had been paying attention and warned Trump several months ago that he might be facing the 25th amendment and be removed from office if he didn’t shape up and start performing his presidential duties. One could only hope – but it’s quite shocking to hear that coming from one of Trump’s own advisors.

The minority of Americans who once supported Trump are starting to wake up – and it’s about time that Trump was left stranded.

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