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Is Trump accidentally setting the table for us?

     I thoroughly enjoyed Hunter’s excellent DIARY yesterday on how the rotten, dishonest media and the whiny, spoilsport protesters completely ruined Trumpelthinskins first weekend in the White House. This pouting and teeth gnashing forced him to throw Mold Spice out there on a Saturday night to castigate the press, and also to threaten that if the media didn’t clam up and do what they were told, The Banana Republic Bozo would “take his message directly to the people”. KellyAnne Conway confirmed that with Chuck Todd on Sunday, stating that if the fourth estate continued to be independent and not compliant, “the administration might have to reevaluate it’s relationship”.

     I think we all know exactly what that threat means. When the tiny fisted Diktator got his head handed to him in the popular vote in November, and in the days of protest that followed, there was only one solution possible. He had to go out on a victory lap tour, he needed to be surrounded by fawning supporters to soothe his ravaged ego. But things were different then. He was still the President Elect, those were not official governmental acts, they were private rallies. This meant that he could control the ticket flow and attendance, to make sure he was surrounded by loyal supporters. It seemed to be just what the doctor ordered for Mein Furor, all was right again in the world. Forget the fact that the combined attendance of all of his victory rallies combined may well not have matched the attendance at just the D.C. march on Saturday alone.

     But now I have a serious question. This is not a rhetorical question, I really want to know the answer. All of my exposure to political rallies have been smaller, open outdoor events. You showed up, they checked your ID, maybe the searched your bag, and you went in to stand around and wait for the candidate. I’ve never been to an massive, rally style Presidential speech.

     It would seem to me that now that (God help us) he is the President, and we taxpayers are paying for the gas and flight crew of Air Force One, the security, and possibly the venue, other than tickets for VIP seats for big pocket donors and local politicos, it should be open to all citizens, with the ticket distribution process fair and open, up to the capacity of the venue.

     If what Conway and Spicer said is true, and he actually embarks on this as a balm for his tortured soul, then they have given us a golden opportunity to mentally twist the knife. We just need to show up, in numbers. Be willing to wait it out in the line, and pass the Secret Service security check to get in. We don’t have to scream, just protest peacefully, we don’t have to insult, all we need to do is to hold up signs. Der Gropinfuhror’s primary and general election rallies were private affairs, protesters could be ejected. Not anymore. This is a public appearance, and The Orange Tufted Poodle belongs to us now. As long as no laws are broken, we are citizens, this is an open venue, and our First Amendment rights are protected. Just ask Republican Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington, she just got shouted off of the stage last week at an event in her own state.

     With all of the shit that is cascading down on The Cut Rate Caligula’s head, think of what the effect would be on his already battered ego if he left the stuffy confines of the creaky, non gilt White House to fly off for a friendly evening with slavish supporters, only to be presented with a large protest in front of the building, and the discovery of even more protesters inside, non of which he could order the police, Secret Service or even his private security to “Geddem outtahere”! Somehow or other, I don’t think that his 2nd victory tour would last very long.

     I’ll be the first to admit it. I may well be wrong on both counts. Maybe there is a way for him to restrict the crowd, to make it abjectly partisan to him, but I don’t know how. And maybe Trump will just take to Twitter to rage against the machine and get his sorry points across. But I don’t think so. Based on his performance after his popular vote trouncing, I believe that if he doesn’t get the adulation he craves from the masses in the Oval Office, his compulsion will force him to venture out to get it some other way, like a gambler that can sit at home all day playing solitaire, but is compelled to go and find that poker game for his fix. But if the man does what I instinctively think he’ll do from all of the time I’ve spent immersed in his political and mental sewer, then we truly have him by the old short and curlies. We just have to prepare and show up.


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