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Trump Accidentally Reverses His Own Decision On FISA Act, GOP Humiliated (TWEETS)

Donald Trump is so lacking in intelligence and the ability to do his job that he constantly has to put his foot in his mouth and take back his own words due to his extreme incompetence. Today Trump demonstrated this to the fullest degree, when he accidentally opposed the White House’s official position in support of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Trump had tweeted his opposition earlier this morning, reacting to a segment on Fox & Friends that was critical of the law. Once again, Trump’s addiction to cable news has resulted in humiliation for the country as Trump tweeted this:

Trump greatly embarrassed himself with this tweet, and he was forced to admit it two hours later. After Trump’s staff rushed in to inform the disgraceful, clueless Tweeter-in-Chief that he’d just made a big mistake, Trump posted a follow-up tweet to say that his administration was actually in support of FISA.

Following Trump’s f*ck-up, the White House’s press office was also forced to release an official statement to contradict Trump’s first tweet. The White House said:

The Administration strongly opposes the ‘USA Rights’ amendment to the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act… The Administration urges the House to reject this amendment.”

As you can imagine, the GOP is humiliated beyond words at the carelessness of their party’s leader. According to , Speaker Paul Ryan was asked by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to cancel the FISA vote today, because the president clearly didn’t understand what the hell was going on!

And Pelosi was far from the only one to notice that Trump had to walk back his original comments. It didn’t take long before Trump was brutally mocked for his lack of knowledge on the law, and the chaos and dysfunction that is coming from his White House. Check out some of the most brutal reactions below:

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