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Top Republicans Were Just Asked About Trump’s Sanity. Their Responses Are Shocking (VIDEO)

The new year has just begun, but Donald Trump is already crashing and burning so badly that almost everyone is questioning his sanity and intelligence – leading to some very sobering discussions about Trump’s fitness for president.

Things have gotten so bad that not even Trump’s own conservative minions are willing to defend him, as we recently saw on NBC News. Earlier today, the media network’s Garrett Haake reported that whenever Republicans are asked about Trump’s mental state and sanity now, they don’t even try to defend him. Haake reported on the GOP’s new strategy in the face of questions about the president:

“Deflect at much as possible. Degrade the quality of the journalism in the book and to the degree possible and someone like Lindsey Graham does it all the time, laugh it off. Try to change the subject. Generally the way Republicans are handling this issue.”

If that’s not a major sign that the GOP is starting to unravel faster than ever, we don’t know what is. Now the Republican Party can’t even answer simple, basic questions about their undeserving leader – yet we all know that conservatives would be jumping up and down if the Democratic Party had tried to deflect and avoid these questions when Barack Obama was in the White House!

Let’s face it – Republicans know the answers. It’s as clear as day. They know the truth, but they’re doing anything they can to avoid responding to any inquiry related to Trump’s mental state. The entire world knows that Trump isn’t stable; the GOP isn’t fooling anyone.

We’ve only just begun 2018, and Trump is already starting off on a bad foot. If the members of the Republican Party continue to ignore his mounting insane behavior, they are going to suffer tremendously for it in the midterm elections.

You can watch the GOP refuse to defend Trump below:

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