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Top Republican Now Admitting GOP Is Totally Screwed

In the weeks leading up to the special election in Alabama to replace Jeff Sessions in the United States Senate — possibly the most highly-contested race the red southern state has ever seen — the Chair of the Republican National Committee came to the president’s office with something pretty important.

That Chair is Ronna Romney McDaniel, and she came bearing news nobody wanted to hear: That Republicans were losing women — if not a key demographic for them, at least a way to “prove” the party wasn’t comprised entirely of old white guys — at an alarming rate.

It wasn’t helping that Trump was, at the time, inching closer to fully endorsing the child molester who ultimately lost that Senate seat, Roy Moore.

Unfortunately for McDaniel, she forgot she was bringing it to the same guy who at one point asked her to drop the “Romney” from her own name because, well, that one guy was named that (he’s her uncle). He promptly ignored her, as he does all women, and embraced Moore in a near-endorsement of his actual behavior.

Maybe Trump will pay a little closer attention to his male counterparts in Congress. Friday morning,  that the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, has been privately predicting that Democrats could potentially win both chambers next November, and it’s not hard to see how he might come to that conclusion.

Trump’s approval rating is in the toilet. Republicans just passed literally the least popular tax bill ever conceived of in Congress. And the presidential endorsement of Roy Moore was a huge blunder — the “Party of Values” nearly imploded when they were forced to stomach an admitted sex predator as their candidate for President. Asking them to do it again, only this time with someone who preyed on children, was a bridge too far for many.

High-profile losses — Alabama was FAR from the only place the GOP got blindsided — around the country have only bolstered the argument: Republicans are about to get their asses kicked in the midterm elections.

We might even throw a party.

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