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Top FBI Official Just Backed Up Comey’s Testimony; Trump Is Screwed

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee bit off more than they could chew on Thursday, when they called a special “emergency” confidential interview with FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who they intended to corner on the subject of the FBI’s dismissal of charges in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s improper use of private email servers.

Make no mistake: The Judiciary Republicans who demanded the meeting did indeed dominate the conversation with questions about the Clinton investigation, which is currently being spurred on by conspiracy theories about the long-debunked “Uranium One” story airing on “friendly” television and radio stations, and by the GOP’s desperation to distract from the more formal investigation being conducted by Robert Mueller’s special counsel.

Unfortunately for Bob Goodlatte and Trey Gowdy, Trump’s Republican allies on the Judiciary and Oversight Committees who summoned McCabe to testify, other questions managed to sneak their way into the interview, and McCabe, the dutiful agent of justice and truth that he is, answered them in a way that the GOP did not like.

Republicans are laser-focused on the Clinton investigation as a way to cast doubt on the credibility of the Mueller investigation, as well as prior statements by the former FBI Director who was fired by Trump when he refused to back away from the Russia investigation, James Comey.

McCabe testified before the panel that the former director, just as Comey himself had testified months ago, had personally told him about meetings he’d had with Donald Trump in which Trump asked for his loyalty regarding the collusion investigation — as those meetings were happening.

In other words, the Deputy Director of the FBI backed up everything that James Comey said months ago that led investigators to believe that Trump had committed obstruction of justice in firing Comey.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, did not hide his contempt for the Republicans’ transparent attempt to deflect and distract from the Russia investigation, and issued a public statement regarding the “emergency” meeting called by the GOP:

Today’s ‘emergency’ interview with FBI Deputy Director McCabe was both rushed and unnecessary and further demonstrates that Republicans are desperate to distract from the Russia investigation and undermine the credibility of the FBI and Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. This truth was laid bare when we learned last evening that a group of Republicans have been secretly meeting for months for just that purpose.

“After a day’s worth of questioning by Members from both Committees, what we learned today was that McCabe is a dedicated public servant who has committed his life to the FBI and its mission to uphold the law.

“Republicans’ motives are clear and we will not be blindsided by their political theatrics. They must return to regular order, stop bashing the FBI and the Department of Justice, and finally investigate genuine threats to our democracy, such as foreign interference with our elections.”

McCabe was the first of multiple witnesses from the FBI that Republicans intended to interview. Perhaps after seeing him give testimony consistent with James Comey’s from months ago — testimony that further incriminates Donald Trump — the GOP may rethink their plan of action.

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