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Top Democrat Issues CRUCIAL Warning To Trump About Meddling In Russia Probe (VIDEO)

So here’s an understatement: Donald Trump is a well-known liar. That seems silly to repeat in article after article, but it honestly does bear repeating — at last count, as of November 13, the Washington Post Fact Checker 1,628 documented lies told by the president in, at the time, 298 days.

That’s about 5.5 lies a day. If Trump keeps up that pace — and there’s no reason to believe he won’t — by the time he’s completed one full year in office, he will have told at least two thousand lies since he took the oath of office. Well, two thousand and one, if you count the actual Oath itself, which required him to promise he would protect and defend the Constitution.

The reason it bears repeating is that we never really know which things Trump is going to lie about, and sometimes he keeps the pace of more than five lies a day even if he only says six things that day. Until the fact-checkers look into his statements (unless they’re really obvious), all we can do is guess.

Sometimes the things he leaves us guessing on are the important items, like whether or not he intends to actually build a wall on the Mexican border, or cut Social Security and Medicare, or fund children’s healthcare… or whether he intends to fire the man in charge of the Special Counsel investigation into his pre-election ties to Russia.

That he that he didn’t intend to fire Robert Mueller — which, by the way, he legally cannot — naturally aroused suspicion as to whether it was one of the 5.5 lies he would be telling that day.

In fact, after the firing of James Comey — and the multitude of reasons that Trump gave and switched back and forth between for it — America simply has no reason to believe that Trump won’t still try to find a way to get rid of the massive thorn in his side that is the Special Counsel. Robert Mueller is like a Rottweiler when it comes to finding the truth, and Trump knows it.

But Senator Mark Warner of Virginia is having none of that.

In a speech right on the Senate floor, Warner called on his fellow lawmakers to help him ensure that nothing would derail the probe, and issued a stark warning to Donald Trump:

[A]ny attempt by this president to remove special counsel Mueller from his position, or to pardon key witnesses in an effort to shield them from accountability or shut down the investigation, would be a gross abuse of power and a flagrant violation of Executive branch responsibilities and authorities.”

That doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but calling the crossing of these “red lines” a potential Constitutional crisis, Warner continued:

“In the United States of America, no one is above the law, not even the president. Congress must make clear to the president that firing the special counsel, or interfering with his investigation by issuing pardons of essential witnesses, is unacceptable, and would have immediate and significant consequences.”

Indeed, the president and his supporters seem to have a hard time remembering that literally everyone investigating him was appointed, directly or indirectly, by a Republican. Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General overseeing Mueller’s authority, was appointed by Trump himself. The appointment of Mueller, who is himself a lifelong Republican, was praised by many in the GOP. The fact that they now call the investigation a partisan witch hunt means that they either thought they were getting a sympathetic investigator by appointing a fellow Republican, or they are no longer comfortable with how any of this is going anymore.

Watch Senator Warner’s powerful speech here:

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