Top Comments: A Second Chance for Scott Walkers Pale Blue Shirt

Top Comments: A Second Chance for Scott Walkers Pale Blue Shirt


Those of us who write diaries know that some diaries "catch" and some just don't. Some that were just dashed together get noticed and find a wide audience. Others, written over days or even weeks just slide down the recent list relatively unnoticed. It's awfully hard to see that happen to something you have worked on for a long time.

It happened to me yesterday with something that's been in process for months. Maybe it was the timing of publication, other items that were more interesting, or some factor I haven't considered. In any event, it sunk the Titanic.

Today, though, while considering what I was going to write tonight, I decided to give that diary a second chance. Consider it recycling. Like tossing the jar the spaghetti sauce came in into the recycle bin so it can live again and be useful rather than sit in a landfill taking up space unnecessarily.

That second chance comes after the cheese curd.

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