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Top Comments: GOP Clown Car has Become A Clown Bus

Standing room only these days

How many GOP Presidential candidates do we have now? It's hard to keep count, but it's well over a dozen who have officially announced. And more will be piling in after they've sucked up every nickel they can before official FEC rules kick in after their announcement.

As for my very own pimple on the ass of democracy, Scott Walker, he's not just biding his time fundraising, he's waiting until his RW Wisconsin Supreme Court majority murders the current John Doe investigation.  That way he can finally campaign without having to answer pesky media questions about corruption and sleaze.

Yes, that decision was made long, long ago. It's so in the bag for Walker that the State Supremes, under new (bought and paid for) leadership, won't even be holding a hearing on the case. They'll simply be relying on "briefs". More than likely, they're waiting to release their decision until the end of the month, moments before they skip town for a nice summer recess. Timing is everything if they expect to avoid a public shaming by voting in favor of killing the investigation into the very same dark money groups that bought 4 State Supreme Court seats for them.

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