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Think Bernie Isn’t Having An Impact? Look What Hillary Just Did…

While more extreme supporters of Hillary Clinton devote their time to attempting to marginalize and insult Bernie Sanders and more fanatical supporters of the Vermont Senator attack the former Secretary of State as a “criminal” and worse (seriously guys, get along), Sanders and Clinton are actually getting on swimmingly. Despite their earlier tensions and fundamental disagreements on which road to take to get to the same place, the two are showing signs of some serious fence-mending.

Recently, while he still will not outright endorse the former First Lady, Sanders admitted that he will “in all likelihood” be voting for Clinton when the time comes — a sign that while some of his supporters choose to continue attacking her, Sanders himself (and the majority of his supporters) doesn’t feel this is the appropriate route to go. While we may not see the two holding hands and skipping through a field of flowers anytime soon, a recent meeting between the two must have been very productive. On Wednesday, Clinton announced that she would be adopting a key piece of Sanders’ platform: tuition-free college. The Huffington Post reports:

Clinton is adding three features to her plan for higher education policy, called the “New College Compact.“ They include eliminating tuition at in-state public universities for families making under $125,000 by 2021 and restoring year-round Pell Grant funding so students can take summer classes to finish school quicker.


Clinton also promises to issue a three-month moratorium on federal student loan payments as an executive order once she gets into office. The “time-out” from paying back federal loans will give borrowers time to work with the U.S. Department of Education to set up income-based repayment and debt forgiveness options.

Sanders responded to Clinton’s announcement by calling it a “bold initiative.”

“This proposal combines some of the strongest ideas she fought for during the campaign with some of the principles that I fought for. The final product is a result of the work of both campaigns,” he said. “Let me be very clear. This proposal, when implemented, will revolutionize the funding of higher education in America, improve the economic future of our country and make life immediately better for tens of millions of people stuck with high levels of student debt.”

While some Democrats still insist on arguing over who should captain our ship into the presidential election, the candidates themselves are unifying behind one goal: ensuring that the first African-American President — a man whose accomplishments will cause him to be remembered as one of the greatest leaders our nation has seen — is not succeeded by a tiny-handed racist who courts white supremacists and wants to ban members of entire religions from entering the country.

Clinton and Sanders are currently in talks to host a joint rally at some point in the near future. With him standing behind her, the former First Lady will surely be a force to be reckoned with.

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