Set up a Twitter Account
How: Go to your account page, click edit and then click twitter tab

Make Friends:
How: Go to a user page (by clicking on their name) and click the type of relationship you want with them. This should depend on the types of articles they are writing, comments they are making or articles they favor

Recommend a Friend:
How: If you have a relationship with someone on the site you can recommend them to other people on the site. Go to their user page and click "Recommend This User"

Recommend Content:
How: If you have a relationship with someone you can recommend content to them. Go to the content you like and look within the tag section at the bottom and click "Recommend Content"

Create Favorite List
How: Go to any page (blog, poll, forum topic, etc) and look towards the bottom of the page where the tags are and click "Add To Favorites". This will add some definition to your user page

Invite Friends:
How: Go to the home page (or any page) and look on the far left column towards the middle/lower half of the page and you will see "Invite A Friend". Defined who the friend is (friend, like-minded peer, political rival) and invite

Send Private Messages:
How: You can send a message by going to the private message block on the far left column on the homepage (or any page) or by going to a users page and clicking the "send a message" link. Only users with a relationship can send private messages to each other

Add Twitter Widget To Biography Section
How: Go to your profile page (go to the menu bar and mouse over log-in and click "My Account") then click edit. Now go to the Personal tab and click it. Look for the "biography" section and write a blur about yourself or you can just add a twitter widget. Go to and click which widget you like. Make sure the "WIDTH" is "170" (needs to fit in the column section). Copy the code and paste it in the biography section. The widget will show in your profile page and on articles you write.