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There Is a Word For Men Like Chris Christie in Prison

Chris Christie

I don’t think I can recall, at least off hand, of a politician who humiliated himself so thoroughly and publicly as Chris Christie did tonight.  What comes to mind is Boris Yeltsin making Gorbachev read that speech when the old Soviet Union fell.  It was bad enough for Christie that he endorsed Trump after talking trash about him for months.  But nothing demonstrated Christie’s utter failure and powerlessness as his introduction of Donald Trump tonight at that so called press conference.

Christie’s tone was one of abject defeat.  Christie’s body language screamed, “Oh God Help Me!”  His words were definitely not his own. And then there were the shots of Trump waiting in the wings for Christie to finish what Trump must have written for him.  But the humiliation wasn’t over yet.  Trump made Christie stand behind him like a child being punished by a parent.

And there is only one man to blame for this:  Chris Christie.  No one put a gun to Christie’s head and said, “You have to endorse Trump.” This is a grown man who decided that he can’t let go of the idea of greater power.  If he has to stay near the center power, Christie will do what is necessary.  And Christie has decided what is necessary is being Trump’s bitch.   That is a disgusting vision I know, but it is what happens when one bully bits the shit out of another bully. 

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