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‘There Is No Joy In Trumpworld’: Desperate Trump Aides Are Looking For New Jobs

White House staffers should have known that Donald Trump would be a sh*tty boss considering his history but now they say they’re “unhappy” and an increasing number are looking for another gig, according to . They signed on thinking they would stay for at least one year but already they’re looking for an exit. There’s been an exodus of aides with even the former reality show star’s loyal director of Oval Office operations , leaving Trump even more isolated.

Politico that “aides up and down the chain are reaching out to headhunters, lobbyists, and GOP operatives for help finding their next job.”

Some of them are looking to the swamp for employment:

Staffers from the National Economic Council—where director Gary Cohn is widely expected to be on his way out altogether after tax reform or onto a different role—as well as the communications shop and beyond are quietly exploring their next moves. They’re talking to headhunters about positions as in-house government affairs experts at major companies, or as executives at trade associations, universities, or consulting firms – ironically, jobs that run counter to Trump’s “drain the swamp” mantra.

Republican operatives, and White House officials say that morale is low and the Russia investigations are growing in scope. Aides have reportedly been struggling to pay legal fees tied to the investigations.

“There will be an exodus from this administration in January,” said one Republican lobbyist, who said that he has heard from five officials looking for new gigs. “Everyone says, ‘I just need to stay for one year.’ If you leave before a year, it looks like you are acknowledging that you made a mistake.”

Staffers are reaching out for employment by networking and sending resumes to recruiters in the hopes of landing a new job by 2018. Multiple staffers have reportedly been in contact with at least two headhunters.

“There is no joy in Trumpworld right now,” said one adviser who remains in frequent contact with several staffers. “Working in the White House is supposed to be the peak of your career, but everyone is unhappy, and everyone is fighting everyone else.”

Anita Dunn, former White House communications director for Obama and senior adviser to his presidential campaigns said that “typically, you tend to get turnover at the two-year marks like after a mid-term or election.”

Since January, approximately 23 White House staffers have resigned or been fired.

“The question ultimately is whether people face a reputational risk by serving in this administration. Will it hurt people?” said a recruiter, who hires for trade associations, companies, and firms.

former press secretary Sean Spicer a paid gig over his lack of credibility.

One GOP strategist has been contacted by several “nervous” staffers.

“Some people are a little nervous that corporations will hold their time in the Trump White House against them, particularly companies like Google or Uber or tech players,” he said.

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