Tell Those Republican Turkeys To Get Stuffed

Tell Those Republican Turkeys To Get Stuffed


Tell Those Republican Turkeys To Get Stuffed

As many of us prepare for Thanksgiving meals, too many politicians are acting like turkeys giving shame and fear instead of thanks, and denying refugee families reasons to be thankful.

Forgetting this season's spirit of breaking bed, Trump, Cruz & co want to break American tradition with religious tests for immigrants, ID badges for Muslims, and turning families fleeing violence away from safety.

France is committed to its refugee program, while the US House votes to effectively end ours. Maybe our holiday gift to the French will be sending Lady Liberty back across the ocean.

Muslim-Americans are being profiled and surveilled, while white supremacists commit domestic terrorism against peaceful demonstrators in Minneapolis, and Trump-supporters attack a black protestor.

And amidst all the demagoguery and demonizing, you could almost forget that the pilgrims we're celebrating were also seeking refuge in this new world. Good thing Donald Trump hadn't gotten here first.

This Thanksgiving, tell the fearmongers to get stuffed and let's make this holiday and nation the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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