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This Teacher’s Response To Trump’s Election Is Blowing Up The Internet

When the night is at it’s darkest, when the dawn seems farther away than ever, single beams of light also show the brightest. Such is the case with one teacher’s response to Donald Trump’s elections win.

The , otherwise known as GLSEN, is a “national education organization working to ensure safe schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.” They have advocated for LGBTQ rights since 1990 and on Friday, they posted this beautiful response to the reality of a Trump presidency on their Facebook page.

“This message was tweeted today from a student who found their teacher had posted it to the classroom door. Thank you, Señora Tarman. Supportive educators are more important than ever.”

Dear undocumented students,

In this classroom there are no walls. You belong here. You are loved.

Dear black students,

In this classroom, YOUR life matters. You are loved.

Dear Muslim students and students of Middle Eastern descent,

We know you are not terrorists. You are loved.

Dear Mexican students,

You are not rapists or drug dealers. You are loved.

Dear female students,

Men cannot grab you. Men WILL respect you — demand it. You are loved.

Dear LGBTQ students,

You are perfect just as you are. You are loved.

Dear ALL students,

We will get through this day, this year, together. We will respect each other and learn from one another. You are a beloved part of this country and community.

Well said, Señora Tarman. This is exactly the kind of thing that will get us through the next four years. The people, like this teacher, who stand up and extend a loving hand to the people around them are what will make the difference in the end. Those who reject the hatred and bigotry that has been legitimatized by Trump’s win. And most especially, the parents, teachers, and anyone else who helps to teach the next generation of voting Americans how to love, just like this.

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