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Surprise, Surprise: Trump’s FBI Director Nominee Omitted Previous Ties To Russia In His Bio

If someone is hand-picked by Donald Trump, chances are they have some kind of tie to Russia. This has been true of his former campaign manager Paul Manafort, former foreign policy adviser Carter Page, disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and many more. The same happens to be true of Trump’s nominee to replace fired FBI Director James Comey.

It seems that Trump’s nominee, Christopher Wray, to omit the fact that he provided legal defense to a company that was being investigated by the Kremlin in 2006. Clearly, this was done to make himself look better when it comes to being Trump’s new FBI Director, because that was actually on the website of King and Spalding, the law firm Wray works for. It was removed just this year, according to a of the Wray’s web page. Until now, the page openly said that Wray provided services to “an energy company president in a criminal investigation by Russian authorities.”

Micheline Tang, speaking on behalf of the firm, gave a long, lawyerly explanation as to why Wray’s biography deleted the Russia detail:

Chris made this change to his bio, along with other minor tweaks, in an attempt to make the material more current. At the time he made the adjustments — January 12, 2017 — he was not being considered for, and did not anticipate being nominated for, FBI Director, or any position in government. Moreover, the representation that was dropped from his online bio related to a matter where Chris, King & Spalding, and the client were adverse to the Russian Government. Mr. Wray worked on this matter in 2006. Other attorneys at the firm worked on the matter in 2006, 2007, and 2011.”
“The executive is an American citizen and lives in the United States. During the course of the dispute, the Russian government sought to exert leverage against this executive and the company by initiating a criminal investigation in Russia against him. Chris and the firm were engaged to handle the U.S. legal issues that arose from the situation.”
While this may be accurate, it really is just a continuation of the disturbing pattern when it comes to Trump and the people in his orbit. The Russia question just keeps getting murkier and murkier. There’s literally almost nobody close to Trump who doesn’t have some kind of Russia connection, and that is definitely a problem.
Hopefully, the Senate grills this guy under oath, and hopefully, we can pick off enough Republicans to where he will not be confirmed. The last thing we need is one of Trump’s Russian stooges heading up the FBI while they try to get to the bottom of whether or not Team Trump colluded with the Kremlin to fix an election.

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