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The Supreme Court Just HUMILIATED Trump, Cripples His Effort To Strip Citizenship From Immigrants

Donald Trump’s anti-immigration agenda was just smacked down by the highest court in the land.

When Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court after taking office, he was hoping he could count on him to vote his way every time. But on Thursday, Gorsuch joined his eight colleagues on the bench to unanimously to strip American citizenship from immigrants.

Divna Maslenjak and her family sought refugee status in the United States back in 1998. Eventually, she not only received refugee status, she also received citizenship. But because she omitted information during the interview to get refugee status, Trump wants to use that case to argue that any lie on a citizenship application means the government and revoke citizenship and deport.

Maslenjak failed to tell American immigration officials that her husband served as an officer in the Bosnia Serb Army, the same army that committed atrocities against Muslims during the Bosnian War in the 1990s. It is unclear if her husband actually participated in the atrocities. She claimed that she feared persecution from Muslims if her family, including two children, remained there.

What she did was wrong and she should face consequences for that, but arguing that any lie, no matter how trivial it may be, is cause for the government to strip citizenship from someone is bullshit. If allowed to do so, Trump would be able to strip citizenship from anyone for basically any bullshit reason. And his obsession with persecuting immigrants across the country makes it clear that he would do it.

The Supreme Court, thankfully, saw right through Trump’s effort and stopped it dead in its tracks that “a naturalized citizen may not lose citizenship based on false statements that were immaterial to gaining citizenship.”

In an opinion written by Justice Elena Kagen, she wrote, “We hold that the government must establish that an illegal act by the defendant played some role in her acquisition of citizenship.”

In addition, Gorsuch and Alito also wrote concurring opinions.

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Even Chief Justice John Roberts was disturbed by what Trump was trying to do.

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During the April 26 oral argument in the case, Chief Justice John Roberts said the Trump administration’s position could make it too easy for the government to strip people of citizenship for lying about minor infractions.

Roberts seemed particularly concerned that the government was asserting it could revoke citizenship through criminal prosecution for trivial lies or omissions.

The Supreme Court has sent the case back to 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for further consideration, but the case is a humiliating defeat for Trump, who was hoping his new Justice would side with him on most matters, especially cases involving immigration.

So while Trump is still persecuting immigrants, at least he will not be able to wantonly strip them of their citizenship.

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