Summer Crazy, Some Are Crazier 

Summer Crazy, Some Are Crazier

Congress returns next week to debate Iran, met with a speech by disgraced Dick Cheney and a rally by divisive Donald Trump -- and that's how war hawks hope to gain support!

We experience another summer of record heat, wildfires and unnatural weather patterns, yet the GOP refutes the facts of climate change to defy the president, the Pope and science.

The global economy lurches and lunges, crises of migrants in Europe, refugees in Syria, but the right wing would rather focus on a Kentucky clerk's "right" to nullify equality and their obsession with Clinton's emails.

It's been a weird, wild, worrisome few months, and the GOP presidential race ups the stakes. Because you might say that summer's crazy, but you can definitely say some are crazier.

A final summery toast with friends to kick off long discussions on a long weekend at your local progressive social club.

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