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The Strange Case of Ms. Gill Rosenberg

Here's Ms. R.:

She learned her weapons skills in Canada and with Israeli Defense Force 2006-2008 and now she is over in Kurdistan serving with the one female unit of their Peshmerga army.

Jewish. Out where there's lots of ISIS and bribery is a local god.

What could possibly go wrong?

There's any number of hideous pics of these three girls' heads online. If you're sicko and proud of it, ISIS will feed the need.

So what's happening here with Rosenberg ???

For me, considering the situation as a cost-and-benefit scenario, there's not much about putting this gal Rosenberg out on the battlefield in Kurdistan that's not a human sacrifice in progress.

How long can it take for ISIS sympathizers or some local Jew-hater to bribe somebody to give her up? After what happened between Hamas and IDF recently in Gaza, how could ISIS not make her a prime revenge target? Not that ISIS supports Hamas, but they do support the Palestinians in their main blasts of rhetoric.

Arrangements had to be made for Peshmerga to take on an openly Jewish female fighter. Making those arrangements put her at extraordinary risk. That counts both Israelis and Kurds. For Right Wing Israelis, spilling Jewish blood has special significance.

As background, Ms. Rosenberg was born in Canada. She calls the Vancouver area her home outside of Israel. Thing is, she is also reportedly a convicted felon for participating in an alleged fraud scheme that stole a reported $25,000,000 from elderly victims. Given the situation for falsified records and other documents, there is no telling just looking at the Internet how much of that is accurate. If she did serve a 3-year sentence, as reported, it seems fair to conclude that she qualifies as a "loon."

Disposable. You betcha.

Our CIA used to do this kind of crap. They sent American college gals over to Russia carrying poisons for assassination attempts -- as deep into misogyny as this scheme to waste Gill Rosenberg.

The CIA creeps weren't really trying to assassinate anybody; it was a sicko scheme to trash the girls, one after the next. One can assume that the Russians were embarrassed by the whole mess. Again and again and again......

Bottom line is that misogyny and authoritarianism are a pair. And there's not much limit to it. Authoritarian males treat women like slaves. It happens over and over.

What was with Bill Cosby and rape, that was not the same as treating women like slaves? A Roman patrician by mentality, using drugs instead of chains and the lash.

Israelis of some Right Wing persuasion arranged to put this Ms. Rosenberg in extraordinary peril. About parallel to what our CIA creeps did sending young women over to Russia during the "Cold War." Seems that to this uber-Orthodox element in Israel she is "loose." Hence expendable.

Nobody anywhere argues that Rosenberg is going to make a difference by gunning down ISIS psychopaths. Her death is what matters.

Of course the Kurds would make the best of this situation by sending Rosenberg home ASAP. What else ??? The value of one more female fighter to Peshmerga is no match to the propaganda value for ISIS if they can put pics of her head up on their web sites.

ISIS and Right Wing Israelis are the winners if she becomes one of the beheaded. Strange, indeed.