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Steve Bannon’s White Board Plan Will Make You Sick To Your Stomach (Tweets)

From his “alt-right” views to his attempt to , Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is easily one of the most disliked officials in the White House falling short of the president himself.

During the White House Israel Independence Day celebration, Bannon took a few photos with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and his wife, Debbie Boteach. While the photos were nothing special, the background in each certainly is.



Behind them is the handwritten goals and accomplishments that Bannon is working within the White House. With the majority of the board reading like it held handwritten notes of Pinky and the Brain, it is enough to make you both laugh out loud and shudder.

which included:

His “To Do” on Immigration:

Build the border wall and eventually make Mexico pay for it

Sunset our visa laws so that Congress is forced to periodically revise and revisit them

Finally complete the biometric entry-exit visa tra …

Propose passage of Davis-Oliver bill

Immediately terminate Obama’s “two illegal e-

to pass “Kate’s Law”


His “To Do” on Tax Reform

Create a 10% repatriation tax

Lower the corporate tax rate to 15%

Eliminate the estate tax

Eliminate the carried interest loophole


His “To Do” on Healthcare

Repeal and replace Obamacare


His “To Do” On ISIS and National Defense

… pay more for joint defense

… mit a plan to defeat ISIS

… Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

… Iran deal


While the photos do not show the entire sentences themselves, one could easily put two and two together on the gist of what they hope to accomplish and whose rights they aim to take. The board also includes a list of accomplishments on each of his “To Do” which included by not limited to:

Cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities

Suspend immigration from terror-prone regions

Implement new extreme immigration vetting techniques

Suspend the Syrian refugee program

Create support program for victims of illegal immigration

Expand and revitalize the popular 287(g) partnerships

Issue detainers for all illegal immigrants who are arrested for any crime, and they will be placed into immediate immigration removal proceedings

End “catch-and-release”

Hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents

Restore the Secure Communities Program

Triple the number of ICE agents

I would like to point out that it is better to plan that they will “eventually” figure out that Mexico will “not pay for it.” According to Trump’s rhetoric, he already had a plan to defeat ISIS or was he lying about that too? Also, am I the only one wondering what a rabbi is doing casually hanging out with someone who is a role model for the alt-right?

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