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Steve Bannon Drops Bombshell On 2020 Election, This Will Make Trump Explode (TWEET)

Considering how upset Trump got when his buddy and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson , we now know that Trump does not take criticism like an adult. Unfortunately, that’s really bad news for America because his old best friend, Breitbart chief Steve Bannon, has just released some heavy criticism for Trump.

in Vanity Fair, it seems as though the tension between Bannon and Trump is getting worse, even months after Bannon stopped serving as Trump’s Chief Strategist. Apparently, Bannon is getting so frustrated with Trump that he might even be considering running for president in 2020.

Vanity Fair reported that Bannon has become increasingly unhappy with the Trump administration, and is starting to think about how to intervene. The profile states:

In October, Bannon called an adviser and said he would consider running for president if Trump doesn’t run for re-election in 2020. Which Bannon has told people is a realistic possibility. In private conversations since leaving the White House, Bannon said Trump only has a 30 percent chance of serving out his term, whether he’s impeached or removed by the Cabinet invoking the 25th amendment. That prospect seemed to become more likely in early December when special counsel Robert Mueller secured a plea deal from former national security adviser Michael Flynn.”

Bannon also added in an insult that will make Trump fly off the handle even more when he reads this:

Bannon has also remarked on the toll the office has taken on Trump, telling advisers his former boss has “lost a step.” “He’s like an 11-year-old child,” Bannon joked to a friend in November.”

Bannon has trashed Trump and his administration before, previously stating that the administration he had fought for in the 2016 election was “over.” Bannon also expressed annoyance with having to answer to Trump or being an underling. Vanity Fair wrote:

It was always a job,” he said. “I realize in hindsight I was just a staffer, and I’m not a good staffer. I had influence, I had a lot of influence, but just influence.” He told me he now feels liberated. “I have power. I can actually drive things in a certain direction.”

And it seems as though the Trump administration also has some contempt toward Bannon, too.

When Vanity Fair asked the White House for comment, the White House stated that Bannon has been begging to get his old job back. One official stated, “the president’s best decision was firing James Comey. His second best decision was firing Steve Bannon, bar none.”

A spokesperson for Bannon fired back and said: “anyone around Steve since he left the White House can see he is very happy now out of the White House!”

Despite what Bannon has said about making a run for the 2020 election, it appears as though he hasn’t officially decided. CNN political reporter Rebecca Berg stated that a “source who works with” Bannon said he is “100% not running.”

We’ll have to see how the bitter feelings between Trump and Bannon play out in the future – but we can already count on Trump throwing a temper tantrum once he hears that Bannon insulted him.

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