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Steubenville Whistleblower Facing 10 Years in Prison, Needs Your Help

Nearly three months after two rapists in Steubenville, OH, the "real criminal" is finally going to face justice.

Deric Lostutter, AKA KYAnonymous

Deric Lostutter, better known by his online name  , was instrumental in leaking information that in Steubenville to pursue rape charges against the small town's exalted football heroes:

Lostutter says he was the one who published a trove of incriminating social media photographs, videos and messages that had been posted by Steubenville football players and that documented and ridiculed the victim.

"The tweets, screenshots, Instagrams. ... Pretty much everything you've seen in the media, that came through me," Lostutter said.

As previously mentioned in , Lostutter is facing up to ten years in prison--five times as much as the men convicted of raping an unconscious Jane Doe.

Jane Doe and her rapists

Lostutter is under investigation for hacking the .  After the hack the following video appeared on the website.  Lostutter has admitted the masked avenger in the video is him:


KYAnonymous also after the inbred bigots announced plans to celebrate the massacre of elementary school children at Sandy Hook Elementary last December.

There are a number of efforts under way to help get justice for Deric Lostutter.  A has been created, but the White House recently raised the bar for petitions to be considered to a lofty 100,000 signatures.

Ultraviolet .

Deric has enlisted the help of the Whistleblower Defense League, which has created for donations.  Costs are expected to be in the hundreds of thousands.